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    It's hard to blame them like that, the chicken coop hasn't been repaired yet, they're still too small, if left in such heavy rain, at least a few of them will die.

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    It's just that the boss doesn't have what she wants, and if she orders it, it will take three days to get it.

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    Because she watched a lot, she realized that Feng Yao was very good.

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    Not mentioning the loan would not offend him. Now he has to support a daughter-in-law who can't afford it, and doesn't have enough money. If you ask him about taking money again, can he? Are you in a hurry?"

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    When she visited Luo Erjun in prison twice, she bought a lot of vegetable seedlings in the district.

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    The next day, while Feng Yao was sitting at home, everyone came one after another to wholesale socks.

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    He should have come here angry at first, but he told me when he left that he would take care of his sister, so I can rest assured.

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    Wu Zhenhe looked at the delicate daughter in front of him, patted the back of Jiang Ling's hand, "Hurry up and change your clothes, the bird's nest should be cooked, you must listen carefully to what mother said, Tam Tam." dad It won't hurt you."

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    Feng Yao was very happy, because although there was still 20% left in the socks, there was not only a return of capital but also a net profit of 1800.

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    It seems that you already know my purpose. Don't you want Lac Nhi Quan to return to work for the family? In Thanh Duong City, the Lac family also has a great career, as long as Lac Nhi Quan is willing. to return, he will earn more money now. so many."

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    From a flower vase of a wealthy family to the head of a corporation, some say she is ambitious and calculating, some say she is a conqueror, some hate her, some respect her. worship her, but there is no denying that she has become a legend.

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    Jiang Xiaoxin and Wang Xiuying returned to the hotel room, "Xiuying, what is your impression of Jialan today?"

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    The two big men's eyes also turned red when they were provoked.

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    I came up with this idea because many people would have made a small amount of money through this, and many employees were starting to feel a little restless.

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    Otherwise, he was worried about Xiao Wanying's tricks, afraid that Luo Erjun would not be able to escape her grasp.

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    I've been here for seven or eight days and should go back.

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    Bai Muling wondered why Chang Yi didn't return to Zhongnan Mountain on the day of the martial arts festival, looking at her expression now, he knew that she must have heard about Han Xiao's troubles from Duan Muhong, and he "escaped" down the mountain to follow Han Xiao. Regarding Xiao, I was very embarrassed in my heart. After hearing what she said to Jiang Wan, I realized that my sister-in-law actually knew Jiang Wan's parents. She couldn't help but be surprised, then asked Chang Yi. : "Auntie, how did you get captured by this evil monk?"

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    And the clothing styles they design can be worn every day without being exaggerated.